Thursday, August 08, 2002

Haven't updated in a while...been busy drivin around, now that i have my license and all...umm I also got a cell phone...its cool...that's really all thats new...

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Well, I haven't updated in a while, cause I was away on, lets see, here's what i did there....Sat. July 27th, Drove up to Lake George...It takes approx. 4.5 hours to get there...finally arrive, and unpack, and go swimming w/cuzs (Callahans)...all and all, an ok day...Sun. Went swimming again...oh boy, fun...Monday, my cousins (Caruso's), so we helped them unpack...we found out that Mikey's jr. fire department team won the state championship! yay! so we hung out, went swimming again (got sunburned!!!) and that was it... Tues. my family rented a boat...we went out on the boat all day, and had lunch on an island in the middle of lk. george...then we (the "kids") came home and the adults went for a cruise, and got in trouble for bringing the boat near the beach, and stuff, so yeah...but that was a really fun day...Wed. we went to Great about fun...I went on lots of rides and had an awesome time...but got soooo sunburned...but all and all an AWESOME day! Thurs. I went shopping with my cousin Tori, my Aunt Tara, Aunt Fran, Cousin Pat-Pat, mom, court, and kerry...umm we ate lunch out and went to a wax museum and bought stuff, and yeah, it was cool..and then we came home and swam...Fri. I hung with Chrissy, Izzy, and Brendan...we went to pizza hut and went to an arcade and hung at chrissy's motel room...and that brings us to today...Well, we left my house at 9:02 am...we went out to eat at a restaurant up there and had breakfast...when we left, my dad found out the tranny was leaking...uh-oh...but we kept going, until, we were going up a hill, and bang, car overheated, we pull over, and smoke goes we call triple a, and 45 minutes later a tow truck comes, and pull us, still in the car, to a parking lot, where another tow trucks comes to bring the car took about 2 hours for the second tow truck to come, and then my Uncle Richie drove us dad went with the van... about a half hour later, the tow truck w/the van gets called the the white plains police department...the driver was being charged with hit and my dad sat there for two hours while they ?'d this guy...Finally the guy drove my dad home, but first had to stop and pick up his buddy, so my dad finally arrived home about 12 hours after the whole ordeal started...It was an interesting day...and that is all...

Monday, July 15, 2002

Well now, I haven't updated in a while...Haven't really done anything too exciting...umm, lets see...I got a job at Old Navy, got a call that I got the job on Frid and then I had to go there on Sat. to fill out papers and stuff...I start there on Sunday...should be interesting...Umm Friday night was Conor and Kerry's b-day party. My family came over, and they got lots of clothes and a croquet set. My mom and aunts started to plan stuff for Lake George too (I'm going there from July 27-August 3). Yesterday I went over to my friend, Liz's, house. We hung out there for a while, then we went into town for Starbucks...yum...and we walked around and was fun. Her dad picked us up then, and drove us back to her house, and we hung out a little while longer, until my dad came and picked me up...I felt bad though, it was supposed to be Melody's sweet sixteen, and I had totally forgotten, and we got a phone call at Liz's asking us why we weren't there...eesh...I'm gonna try and call her and see if Liz and her are gonna hang out later this week, so maybe I can go...Umm, thats bout it...I gotta go up to Old Navy now cause I just got a phone call to go up...I'll write some more later...

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Ummm...yeah...these last two days i haven't really done anything at all...ummm put in for a job at old an interview on wednesday...should be interesting...umm and i really havent done anything else...went to Williams b-day party...that was fun...and then i went to gregs and went swimming and ate pizza and munchkins and cookies...and that's it...right...yeah, i think so...umm ok bye

Friday, July 05, 2002

Hey everyone...hope you all had a nice fourth of july! I did...well, ummm, lets see, i got up late and mommy took me shopping, and i got a new bathing suit, shorts, and a shirt...and then, we went to waldbaums, went home, and headed to the ackerlys, we hung out with the ackerly family, plus there aunt maur, uncle rich, robbie, james, uncle ralph, and grandpa...we went swimming and had a bbq, and sat and talked, and it was awesome! I love the ackerlys....well, i came home at 10 to watch the fireworks the sciascias do every year! I love the fireworks! I'm sooo happy that i have next door neighbors cool enough to do that....the sciascias are awesome, all of them...ummm so that brings us to today...lets see, i slept until 11, which was nice, and i got up and went shopping w/mommy for williams birthday present...we went to old navy, i got a pair of shorts, and filled out an application for a i have an interview on wednesday...should be interesting...then i came home, and ummm....hrmm, i don't remember, but whatever, i ate dinner, pizza, after i drove to pick it up, and now i'm sitting here doing that's my last two days in a nutshell...bye bye!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Ok, well today was...ummm...different...Lets see, my sunburn is still there, and still hurts, and has been covered in aloe since i got legs aren't as bad anymore, but my back, eesh...any way, so I got up pretty late today, I think i actually slept till 12:15, but I got out of bed at 2:30ish...yeah, i know, wasted day, but trust me, I needed sleep...ok, so I get out of bed, and come on to check my email and my brother tells me to pick up the phone. When I ask him who it is, he tells me it's Damon...hrmmm...damon calling my house, weird, but ok, so i pick up the phone only to find that not only was it damon, but katie (aka larky to some of you) was on it too...Both of them were at damons house hangin out, and since damon lives, ohhh, 5 minutes from me, I walk over to his house, and hung out with them for a little while...they're both awesome, I don't think, well I'm pretty sure, damon doesn't like me much, but he's still pretty cool, and katie, well she's awesome, no question there...Ok, so while there, damon planned to box me, and beat me over the head w/a bag of water...neither worked but even if they did damon couldn't have hurt me...umm, so yeah, we sat and watched a video game about stealing cars and killing people and such, and i left at like a quarter to 5, and walked home, well most of the way home, my aunt saw me and picked me up I get home to find out my phone isn't i can't call anyone, so now i'm here, updating this...i dunno what i'm gonna do tonight, I'll write it out that's my day...

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

::ouch!!!!!:: sunburn hurts...Let me tell you this kids, don't fall asleep in the sun for four hours...especially if you irish ::ouch!!!!!::
umm ok, today, lets see...umm cleaned the kitchen, laid outside in the sun and got a really bad sunburn on my back and legs ::ouch::, umm read a book, and umm talked to people....that's my day in a nutshell, boring, huh?
errr....i wish people could understand that i can't tell everything that i'm thinking...and i wish i could explain in a better way why i can't tell them ....or maybe its just that i wish that i was ignorant to everything that was going on around me...yeah, that might help...

Monday, July 01, 2002

[1]First Name: Deanne
[2]Middle Name: Marie
[3]Last Name: Butler
[4]Nick Name[s]: Just Deanne, and sometime De/Dea
[5]Gender: female
[6]Age: 17
[7]Birthday: 12/10/84
[8]Height: 5'10"
[9]Weight: heh, funny...
[10]Hair Color: brown w/red highlights
[11]Eye Color: hazel (gold/green, depends on day, sometimes mixed)
[12]Caucasian, African American, Hispanic...What: Caucasian
[13]Glasses: nope
[14]Contacts: nope
[15]Braces: sadly, but they'll be coming off soon...
[16]Hair Short Or Long: middle
[17]U Were Born Where: Good Samartan Hospital in West Islip
[18]U Now Live: Lindenhurst NY
[19]Asrtrology Sign: Sagatarius
[20]How many languages do U speak: English, some French
[21]Nationality: Irish
[22]Bad Habbits: me, bad habits,, well i guess it depends on who you ask...
[23]Piercings: yup...
[24]If Yes Where & How Many: just ears, two holes in each
[25] TATTOOS: no, but maybe in the future
[26] if so how many and where: ~~

[27]Mothers Name: Denise
[28]Fathers Name: Tom
[29]Brothers Name[s]: Tommy, Brendan, and Conor
[30]Sisters Name[s]: Courtney and Kerry
[31]Favorite Aunt: i like um all
[32]Favorite Uncle: s.a.a.
[33]Favorite Grandparent: definetely my nana
[34]Worst Relative: no comment
[35]Best Relative: most of um...
[36]Best Family Memory: umm lots of um, catskills, camping, sleepovers...
[37]Do U Get Along With Your Parents: sometimes
[38]Do Your Parents Understand You: not really
[39]Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: ehh, court sometimes, brendan sometimes, conor seems to...

[40]Do You Have Any Pets: yes
[41]Name[s]: Maggie, Boo, Duffy, and some fish
[42]Type Of Animal[s]: dog (golden retriever), bird (cockatiel), rabbit, fish
[43]If You Dont Have A Pet Do You Want One: ~~~~
[44]Have You Ever Had Any Other Pets Then Mentioned Up Above: Yes, lots of um

[45]Are You Still In School:yea
[46]Did You Drop Out: how would i still be in school if i dropped out?
[47]Current/Supposive Grade: goin into 12th
[48]Favorite Grade: umm all of high school
[49]Worst Grade: i didn't like 5th grade...
[50]Favorite Teacher[s]: hrmm, bohr, paul, costa, green is ok...
[51]Worst Teacher[s]: Schrage, definetely
[52]Favorite Subject[s]: U.S.History, French, Social Justice
[54]Do/DiD U Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: depends
[55]School Sports: used to be a cheerleader, if that counts, now nothing...
[56]School activity: the whole list? umm, mock trial, liturgy comittee, liturgical music group, peace and justice, robotics, big brother/big sister, prophet, yearbook, stage crew, and some other stuff that comes up throughout the year...
[57]Popular Or What: umm i dunno...
[58]Favorite Dance: don't have one
[59]Favorite Memory: hrmmm...i have lots of um...
[61]Worst Dance: all those stupid old ones we used to do, like macerena and stuff...
[62]Most Humiliating Moment: i dunno...i do lots of humiliating stuff, but usually don't let it get to me...

[63]Number: 6, 12, 27, 31
[64]Clothing Brand: i dunt really have one...
[65]Shoes: My pumas i guess, oh and my sandals that i wear everywear
[66]Saying: I'm supposed to have a fav. saying?
[67]TV Show: i don't watch much tv so i don't have one...i do like spongebob however...
[68]Sport: baseball...definetely
[69]Vegetable: carrots, love um...
[70]Fruit: umm oranges i guess...
[71]Movie: don't have one
[72]Magazine: umm i dunno, i read alot of them
[73]Actor: umm again, dunno
[74]Actress: s.a.a.
[75]Candy: skittles! and rocky road...yummy!
[76]Gum: trident mostly
[77]Scent: dunno
[78]Candy Bar: Milky Way
[79]Ice Cream Flavor: choc. chip
[80]Color: blue
[81]Season: Summer and winter ( i like extreme temperature, what can i say?)
[82]Holiday: OMG! DEFINETELY CHRISTMAS! I start a countdown in like august and play music like all year...i LOVE christmas, right krissy? lol
[83]Band: i'll listen to any of um
[84]Singer: hrmmm
[85]Group: any
[86]Type Of Music: almost everything and anything out there....
[87]Fast Song: dunt have one
[88]Slow Song: s.a.a., umm i like hero, by mariah carey, becuase it reminds me of someone...
[89]Thing In Your Room: definetely my bed...
[90]Place To Be: any where w/friends
[91]Radio Station: whatever, i really could care less...
[92]TV Channel: didn't i say before i don't watch much tv...
[93]Junk Food: pretzels...
[94]Overall Food: grilled chik...
[95]Store: umm where ever...
[96]Shoe Brand: puma, adidas, etc...
[97]Fast Food Place: dun't have a fav, hrmm, i like mcdonalds mcflurries...
[98]Restraunt: outback
[99]Shape: circle
[100]Time Of Day: early morning in the summer
[101]country: umm, i like the u.s., but i really wanna go to Ireland
[102]State: New York i guess, umm i like Massachusets too
[103]Boys Name: i have a whole list of them...umm you really want me to name them? my favorite is probably silas or tristan...i dunno why, just like ummm...i also like seamus, aiden, and a whole bunch of gaelic names...
[104]Girls Name: love the name caylin (hehe, my baby cuz's name!), umm and a whole bunch of gaelic names too, including nora (yeah, i know a nora, and she's awesome, so that just makes me like it even more) and maurya (mariah) and a whole lotta other ones...heh, i could make a whole entry on this...
[105]Mall: I guess either South Shore
[106]Video Game: dunno, i'm pretty good at mario kart...
[107]Shampoo: biolage
[108]Board Game: life
[109]Computer Game: hrmmm, i forget the name of it, ahh, wait Diablo II
[110]Car: any one that runs...
[112]Swear Word: damn
[113]Word: perturbs
[114]Month: December
[115]Cartoon: Spongebob, it's a classic
[116]Song Of All Time: hrmm...i dunno
[117]Scary Movie: Childsplay
[118]Team: NY Mets (yeah, i know, they suck)
[119]Possesion: i have alot of them...

[.Whats The First Thing That Comes 2 Mind When You Hear....]
[120]Eminem: negative
[121]Dog: puppy!
[122]Hot: summer
[123]Britney Spears: eesh
[124]Nsync: sucks
[125]Real World: tv show
[126]Orange: color
[127]Choice: ?
[128]Fuck: you
[129]Bisexual: doesn't effect me either way...
[130]Black: white
[131]ICQ: AIM
[132]Insane Clown Posse: no comment
[133]Linkin Park: band
[134]Jack: in the box
[135]Rainbow: pretty
[136]Cherry: red
[137]Cucumber: salad
[138]Shark: eek
[139]Lifehouse: what?
[140]Bat: black
[142]Whip: cream
[143]America: country
[144]Water: bottle
[145]Volcano: hawaii

[.This Or That.]
[146]rock or rap: rock
[147]pop or rap: neither
[148]rap or r&b: neither
[149]rock or metal: rock
[150]rock or pop: Rock
[151]linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park
[152]tool or korn: neither
[153]selena or jenifer lopez: hrmm, prob. selena
[154]hot or cold: hot
[155]winter or summer:summer
[156]spring or fall: spring
[157]shakira or britney: neither, but i guess shakira
[158]ICP or Eminem: neither
[159]Marilyn Manson Or Rob Zombie: eek, neither, definetely neither
[160]Kittie or Garbage: neither
[161]mtv or vh1: MTV
[162]Buffy or Angel:buffy
[163]Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: gilmore girls
[164]Football or Basketball: football
[165]summer olympics or winter olympics: winter
[166]skiing or snowboarding: snowboard
[167]rollerblading or skateboarding:rollerblading
[168]black or white: black
[169]orange or red: orange
[170]yellow or green: Green
[171]purple or pink: hrmm, pink prob.
[172] Slipknot or Mudvayne?: neither
[173]hot topic or pac sun: hot topic
[174]inside or outside: Outside
[175]weed or alcohol: alcohol
[176]cell phone or pager: Cell phone
[177]pen or pencil: pen
[178]powerpuff girls or charlies angels: powerpuff girls
[179]scooby doo or dino: Scooby
[180]dragon ball Z or pokemon: can't stand either of them
[181]star wars or star trek: Star Wars
[182]tattoo or piercing: both
[183]prep or punk: punk
[184]slut or whore: i dunno

[.Private Life I.E Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll...]
[185]Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: nope
[186]Crush: yes
[187]Do You Love Anyone Right Now: no
[188]Have You Ever Been In Love: i dunno
[189]How Many People Have You Kissed: a few
[190]Who Was Your First Kiss: heh, i dun't wanna think about that...
[194]How Many Hearts Have You Broken: i dunno
[195]How Many People Broke Your Heart: umm i dun't think anyone has really broken my heart...
[196]Best Quote To Sum Up Love: umm, i have two i guess..."no guy is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry" and "to the world you're just one person, but to one person, you could be the world".
[197]So Whats Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Crush Like: heh, i'm not saying anything, those of you who know know, and those who don't don't...
[198]Whats Your Dream Guy/Girl Like: umm nice, funny, someone who listens and understands, or at least tried to...
[199]Do U Go More By Looks Or Personality: personality def.
[201]Ever Kiss A Friend: yea
[202]Are You Still Friends: Yea
[203]So Moving Along... You Smoke: nope
[204]How About Some Weed... You Smoke Weed: no
[205]Ever Trip On Acid: nah
[206]How About A Little xTc?: nope
[207]Crack, Heroin, Anything Else: no
[208]Beer Good Or Beer Bad: Its ok
[210]Are U The Little Sissy Who Drinks Mikes And Whine Coolers: no
[211]Do U Like Smirnoff Ice: I tried it once, and it's ok...
[212]Prefer Beer Or Liquor: beer
[213]So If You Smoke How Long U Been Killin Yourself Now: i dont smoke
[214]What Kind Do You Smoke: ~~
[215]Could I Bum One: ~~~~
[216]Back To Alcohol, Favoite Alcoholic Beverage: aon't have a fav...don't drink enough to have one...
[217]Whens The Last Time U Got Some?: wouldn't you like to know...

[.Would You Ever.]
[218]Bungee Jump: yeah
[219]Sky Dive: yeah
[220]Swim With Dolphins: yeah
[221]Scuba Dive: yep
[222]Go Rock Climbing: yeah
[224]Eat Shit For 1,000,000 $: prob. not
[225]Change Your Religion: maybe, depends
[226]Turn Your Back On Your Friends For Personal Gain: No, what does what you have matter if you have no one to share it with?
[227]Steal A Friends Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no
[228]Cross-Dress: umm i dunno, for alot of money maybe...
[229]Lie To The Police: Yeah
[230]Run From The Police: yea
[231]Speed Away From The Police: nope
[232]Lie To Your Parents: who doesn't
[233]Walk Up To A Total Stranger And Kiss Them: no
[234]Be A Exotic Dancer: no
[235]Walk Out Of A Restraunt Without Paying: umm i dunno, prob. not
[236]streak [run naked through somewhere for allu who dont know]: heh, no comment

[.Your Friends.]
[257]Best Friend: Devs, Kerin, umm I have some other pretty close friends, but these are prob. my best friends...
[258]Known Longest: DEVS!
[259]Wish You Talked To More Then You Do: hrmm, alot of people actually, cindy, izzy, chrissy...lots of people
[260]Wish You Saw More Then You Do: my friend trisha mostly, but i wish i saw all my friends more
[261]How Many Friends Do U Think You Have:enough
[262]How Many Do U Actualy Hang Out With: most of them
[263]Who Drives You Insane After Awhile: hrmm, all of them, esp. (j/k) actually, none of them do...
>[264]Who Can You Stay Around Forever And not get
sick of? devs, kerin, KRISSY!!!, jimmy, liz, katie, nora, cj, greg the list goes on and on...
[265]Ever Loose A Good Friend Because You Took It To The Next Level: nope
[266]Craziest: Liz...Lisa...myself, ...oh and definetely Damon!
[267]Loudest: Liz and me again, and krissy, most definetely...
[268]Shyest: umm brendan's is kerin...
[269]Best Hair: hrmm, i love nora's hair...
[270]Can Always Make You Laugh: Patty, jimmy, KRISSY!!!!!, lisa, greg, liz, devs, damon, a great number of other people...
[271]Best Eyes: hrmm dunno
[272]Best Body: heh, no comment, no comment
[273]Most Athletic: hrmm i dunno who the most athletic is out of them,
[274]Sex Symbol: none really...
[275]Hot Tempered: none really...
[276]Most Impatient: ::shrugs::
[277]Shortest: Lisa....Greg, he's pretty short too...
[278]Tallest: brendan, jimmy, umm i'm pretty tall i guess
[279]Talented: liz, katie, nora, definetely, when i think about it, all my friends are talented in one way or another
[280]Best Singing Voice: omg, definetely katie and liz and nora...definetely...and kevin, you have a good voice so shut up!
[281]Skinniest: i have no idea
[282]Nicest: all of them are nice...
[283]Best Personality: all, or else i wouldn't be friends with them...
[284]Biggest Drug User: dunno...
[285]Alcoholic: hrmm, none of them are that bad...
last two days:

Monday, July 1st, 2002

Yup, that's right, another rather unproductive day...umm well lets see, i didn't get to sleep until like 2 this morning, so I slept till like noon, which is really really late for i got up, took a shower, and went outside to read a a little sunburn, not bad compared to what I had, and yet my shoulders are still peeling...bah :-p but yeah, I got a call that I was going to my nanas for a pizza party. So I went, and read some of my book, and hung out with my cuzs, and played some kickball, and ate some pizza, and other cool stuff, and now I'm home again doing nothing...waiting for more people to sign online so i can bug them a little, ya know?

Yeah, so my day was rather boring...

Sunday, June 30th, 2002

So what did I do today? hrmm, good question...not much productive, that's for sure...
Well, lets see, I had to be at school at 10:30 to sing for some mass thing, it was umm interesting to say the least...only bonus, I got to drive there, and got to hang out with nora and dan, so yeah, i guess it was worth it...gave me something to when that was done, nora drove me home to my 'oh so exciting' house, where I had nothing to do. So I went to visit nanas house. Nana, Aunt E, and Aunt K had there deck painted, so they were all happy and excited about that, so I sat there with my mom and sister and them and we talked about nothing imparticular. Mostly about what I'm doing the rest of the summer...Lake George, pool parties, beach, etc... yeah, so I came home from there and did nothing really...talked to katie for a little while, then came online and typed this...

So yeah, that's my fun and exciting day...Hopefully the days to come will be more exciting...

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

It's been a rather interesting week, so I was thinking about how I could possible organize it all, and this is what I came up with...a let's see how this goes.
Well, let's see I haven't exactly had the best relationship with some people lately. As a matter of fact, I've had some pretty crappy ones. So I'm trying to get rid of them right now, or work them out if possible...That doesn't include the (kinda) argument I had with damon. He called me close-minded.... and let me tell you, that comment bugged me to no end...if there's one thing that bugs (and hurts) me alot it's being called close minded (cause i'm definetely not close minded)... urghhhh....but we talked about it, and now (hopefully) things are ok...
Now yesterday I find out that one of my really good friends is in the middle of a breakup...She's been with the guy for 7 1/2 (?) months, and is taking it pretty hard. She seems to think that she did something wrong. That she did something to make him feel like he needs to break up with her...She doesn't seem to understand that she's a great person that so many people love and respect, and that she doesn't deserve this crap. I wish there were some way to make her understand...
On top of all this, I come home today to find my bunny dead. She was 9 y.o., but still, it's upsetting...and now I gotta study for an English final....errr! Let me tell you that is the stupidest class ever....well, the class itself might not be, but the teacher sure makes it seem that way....I don't really care anymore long as I get like an 85-90, I'll be happy....
Well, umm yeah, that's part of my week...not the whole thing, but most of the important parts i think. I'll put an update in if anything important happens i guess...OK, bye!